Red Foal comes from a slow thought on a bench in Andalusia, where the most beautiful horses in the world live. A foal is a young horse, under the age of 4 and lives free in the fields near Vejer de la Frontera where one of us breeds them. When you see them run on the ridge at sunset, they look red. Truly. Here is the reason for Red Foal.

Red Foal was born from the union of ideas of four friends who love horses and literature … well, horses more.  Red Foal is a product designed and manufactured entirely in Italy. Does that matter? Well, it does a little, yes. Red Foal can be worn while horseback-riding, if that’s your passion. If instead, exactly like us, you love them for their shape or color or because you think they’re cool and horses have nothing to do with it: even better.


Red Foal‘s original idea was to develop a sneaker to replace the classic black leather riding boot, during training and for horseback riding.


The soft shapes of the saddle can be seen in the suede design around the ankle. The sole, made of “EVA” (super light material), is a reminder of the horse’s hooves.

Bianca dettagli

A section welcomes the spur lace (resting, in relief, on the sole). The suede graphic symbol reminds the stirrup.


The foal logo is in low relief on the right shoe’s sole. Its non-slip stripes are narrower in the front to facilitate stirrup removal and wider on the back.

white details

Tone-on-tone logo: the Red Foal always runs to the West, towards Spain.
A safety eyelet is present. The lace is inside the sneaker not to interfere and to be easily undone while riding. Handmade seams of shoemaking artisanal tradition.

For our production we go directly to the source, the heart of Italy, where the artisans have perfected the art of shoe making through hundreds of years of experience.

The products are beautiful and creative and start from the heart of the matter: production quality. The project has been developed with great attention to:

  • project’s design quality;
  • manufacture quality;
  • materials quality in the duration of the finalized product lifecycle;
  • ethical quality in the relationship with the supply chain.