The Red Foal story begins some time ago. It is the result of a slow thought made on a bench in southern Spain, where the most beautiful horses in the world live. A “foal” in English is a young horse, up to the age of four. In southern Spain foals live free in pastures and when seen at sunset, they look red.
Hence the name of our brand and from here the story of Red Foal continues. The idea of Red Foal becomes reality thanks to the union of ideas of four friends who are passionate about horses.


The Red Foal sneaker was therefore designed to go horseback riding. Today it is a shoe to wear in everyday life and to go horseback riding if it is your passion.


The soft shapes of a saddle are seen in the lines around the suede ankle. The sole is made of a very light material called EVA and resembles a horse’s hoof.

Bianca dettagli

A seat has been created in the sole for the spur lace. The graphic sign in suede, on the tip of the sneaker, recalls the riding stirrup.


The foal logo is always found on the left sole. The anti-slip groove of the sole is finer in the front, to facilitate the exit of the stirrup, and wider on the heel.

white details

Red Foal is a tone-on-tone brand: the foal’s low relief always runs to the west, towards Spain. The seams are all handmade. The string remains inside the shoe to prevent it from coming loose when walking or riding.

produzione sneaker red foal

Our Made in Italy sneakers are produced with high-quality materials. For the production, we chose Italy, because it is here that the artisans perfected the art of shoemaking, through years of history and tradition. To produce our sneakers we focus on the quality of workmanship and raw materials as well as the respect for the production chain.

We also paid attention to packaging: the box is made of recycled cardboard, while the bag is made of regenerated cotton with the logo sewn on the fabric label.

They are beautiful, easy to match, and creative sneakers, with a clean design.