We have chosen to produce our sneakers in Italy, where we find the best quality materials and workmanship, done by Raffaele and his family who have been owning a shoe factory for two generations in Verona. The crisis coincided precisely with a significant structural and organization renovation of this legendary shoe factory. Raffaele’s vision and ability have overcome crises and trends, and are the reason why we entrust our production to him every day.



We have also activated a collaboration with a historic Italian underwear brand, partially reconverted to the production of sanitary and civil masks, rigorously handmade in Italy with top quality materials. We wanted to offer our customers the opportunity to use them, so you will receive a mask for every purchase you make. We have decided not to brand the masks, as we do not want to use them as an advertising vector, limiting ourselves to a service role.



We take part in “ITALIA WE ARE WITH YOU” promoted by the National Chamber of Italian Fashion, a project, open to all fashion brands, that allocates 3 million euros for charity.