Mother Red

  • Polished leather and suede upper
  • Cotton internal lining
  • Extra light sole made of recycled EVA
  • 2 cm inner sole
  • Available also in black
  • Immediately available, deliverable in 20 working days




The history of the Red Foal sneakers starts some time ago. They are the result of a slow thought on a bench in southern Spain. In this region, the most beautiful horses in the world are bred, which, when seen at sunset, appear red. This is how the first link with horses was born since one of the passions of the founders of our brand.

One of the founders of Red Foal is a horse breeder in southern Spain. In addition to raising them, he enjoys taking beautiful walks on the beach with them. This is where the need for a comfortable and easy to wear shoe came about. It was imagined to replace the leather boot with horseback riding.

This is how our Red Foal sneakers were born, they were originally designed to go horseback riding. Today, they are shoes for everyday life. You can wear them to go to the office or for leisure.

The sneakers, Made in Italy, are made with high-quality materials. For the production, we chose Italy, because it is here that artisans have perfected the art of shoemaking, through years of history and tradition.

To produce our sneakers, we put at the center the quality of workmanship and raw materials, as well as respect for the production chain.

The shoes are made of leather and suede, with a very light sole and are hand-stitched.

They are beautiful and creative sneakers, with a clean style and that can be easily matched.

We at Red Foal take part in the “ITALIA WE ARE WITH YOU” project promoted by the National Chamber for Italian Fashion.

Italia We Are With You aims to allocate 3 million euros to charity and is open to all fashion brands.

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They have a clean design, are comfortable, and easy to match. They are a quality product and Made in Italy.

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As soon as your order is shipped we will provide you with a tracking number to allow you to track your delivery. Returns can be requested within 14 days of receiving the order.


Our heart beats on the side of our retailers, especially at this particular moment. This is only a service site, so as not to leave anyone without Red Foal. Here you will find no discounts. If there's a shop near your home, contact them to buy your pair of Red Foal, you will find your size and the whole assortment. That store should be your first choice, it will advise you with professionalism, it is close to your community and it is our partner. If you don't find Red Foal in the best stores in your town, send us an e-mail, we will take care of delivering the product directly to your trusted store and in that case, they'll be the ones to make the sale.

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